Sunday, 9 November 2014

Review: Coming Home for Christmas by Julia Williams

  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Publisher: Avon (25 Sep 2014)
  • Also in Paperback

The blurb

Cat Tinsall is juggling her busy family life – a quintessential ‘sandwich generation’ woman, she’s responsible for the care of her kids, her mother-in-law, and her baby granddaughter.
Her TV career as ‘The Happy Homemaker’ is looking rocky – and she’ll do anything to resist the whispers that, as a woman over 40, she’s in danger of ‘fading to grey’. She’s got an awful lot on her plate …
 Cat’s good friend Pippa Holliday is finding life as a single mum a challenge, especially now the farm her family have called home for generations is in dire financial straits.
And schoolteacher Marianne North, with her young twins and teenage stepson, is dismayed to find her increasingly absent husband calling on her to take his damaged and delicate ex-wife into their home – with no moving out date in sight.
As the close-knit village community of Hope Christmas pulls together to battle ruthless plans from local developers, it looks like each of these three women needs a miracle.
As Christmas approaches, bringing with it more than one surprising turn of events, it appears they might just find one …
My review

This is the first review book I have picked up in a while. I decided to visit an "old" favourite author, Julia Williams. An author I can trust to spin me a tale of village life that will keep me entertained until the last page. This is one of those novels I fit into the modern day saga category, the book version of Emmerdale or Corrie or even The Archers, but more believable. The storylines are not far fetched. 

This year the villagers have not only their own complicated family lives to deal with but developers LK Holdings are trying to muscle in and develop the beautiful countryside into something more profitable. 
An old flame makes a reappearance for one of the residents and an ex comes to stay. 

It was lovely to revisit the village of Hope Christmas and the villagers.  I particularly enjoyed the diary from Dan as he struggles to come to terms with losing his love and family and rebuild his life after his devastating accident.
This is a follow on novel from Last Christmas but can be read as a stand alone.

Perfect festive reading to begin my festive reading.

5 out of 5 for me!

About The Author
Julia has always made up stories in her head, and until recently she thought everyone else did too. She grew up in London, one of eight children, including a twin sister. She married Dave, a dentist, in 1989, and they have four daughters. After the birth of the second Julia decided to try her hand at writing. Since then she has written 8 hugely popular novels, selling over a quarter of a million copies in the UK alone, and hitting the Sunday Times bestseller list.
Twitter @JCCWilliams

Friday, 7 November 2014

Festive reading

Right,  a happier post folks

Festive Reading is here

Also on my kindle are

Coming Home for Christmas by Julia Williams
The Great Christmas Knit-off  by Alexandra Brown
Trouble in Tinsel Town by Aimee Duffy

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Feeling lost

Hi Folks,

Bear with me.  I decided to take a blog break in August after a family bereavement that knocked me for six. I was also waiting on some appointments for the boys and AJ was waiting for surgery. Still waiting on appointments but AJ has had his surgery and is better.

I still feel I am not ready to come back to the blog and do not have the passion and energy that I had before that.

I am confused and feeling lost. I managed to keep the blog going through a very bad year last year which saw me taking the boys to A&E on 13 occasions for asthma attacks, moped accidents, and M, my eldest son had surgery in the December. I managed a full on Summer feature and Christmas feature which took a mahoosive amount of work.

I plan to keep reading and sharing my reviews online at Goodreads and Amazon, at the very least, but as for blogging......I am just not sure.

Saying all that, I do have a review to come this week for a favourite author (see below)


Thursday, 16 October 2014

My crafty creations

Just wanted to share some of my latest crafty creations

I do take orders for cards for any occasion and handcrafted items .
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Infinity scarf

chunky scarf


Friday, 10 October 2014

Latest TBR list

These are the latest titles on my TBR pile.
Christmas read a thon is about to begin

Monday, 6 October 2014

Review: A Cornish Affair by Liz Fenwick

The blurb
Running out on your wedding day never goes down well. When the pressure of her forthcoming marriage becomes too much, Jude bolts from the church, leaving a good man at the altar, her mother in a fury, and the guests with enough gossip to last a year.

Guilty and ashamed, Jude flees to Pengarrock, a crumbling cliff-top mansion in Cornwall, where she takes a job cataloguing the Trevillion family's extensive library. The house is a welcome escape for Jude, full of history and secrets, but when its new owner arrives, it's clear that Pengarrock is not beloved by everyone.

As Jude falls under the spell of the house, she learns of a family riddle stemming from a terrible tragedy centuries before, hinting at a lost treasure. And when Pengarrock is put up for sale, it seems that time is running out for the house and for Jude

My review

Jude really does leave her decision until the last minute. She is fully aware of the damage she has done and decides to leave for Cornwall.  It seems that all is going to be okay for Jude as she takes on a new job at a beautiful mansion, but a turn of events threatens not only Jude's job but also the future of the mansion.  

Jude does not have time on her side, as the new owner of the mansion just wants the house sold, out of his life. Jude also has to give some of her thought to what she has left behind, her jilted groom and her own parents, who cut her off.

Jude was not really a character I warmed to.  For me, the beautiful setting, the history of the house and the Trevillion family much more of a page turner. In fact the house seemed to be the character I cared for the most in this battle of characters and wills.

This was a novel from my own book shelves, not a review copy

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Family day out

We had a day out at Audley End House & Gardens in Essex last Sunday.

We visit there several times a year as we have English Heritage membership.

Here is a photo diary of our day out and photos from previous visits , to show how the gardens change over the year.

These pictures are from last year in the Spring

The apple and pear trees create  a wall around the kitchen gardens... a later photo
shows how they look now

Can you tell, I love Irises and these flag Irises are just stunning

These are pictures from our weekend summer visit

A different view of the house as we had to park in a different car park

The apple and pear tree wall is now in full fruit

My two boys,one aged 6, one 6ft :)

This is my mum and dad's garden.  He is a gardener by profession and always
has the best looking garden in the street