Friday, 11 February 2011

Friday Five!

I am not sorry to see the back of this week, I can tell you!

We have all been poorly and the dreaded P-word is topic of conversation in our house  (more on the P-word over the weekend)

so we are looking forward to a quiet weekend,

Oh, and a "romantic" dinner for 2 (if I can get AJ to sleep and C goes out with her mates) Saturday evening.  I have been to M&S and picked up my "Dinner for 2 for £20 including starter, main, side, dessert, bottle of wine and chocs.(Menu to follow, and maybe, photos in a weekend post).

Here are some articles I have come across this week that I would like to share with you

*Thursday,  The Romantic Novelist Association announced the short list for The Pure Passion Awards 2011

There are some great titles in there,  some I have read, some on my shelves and wishlist.  Take a look.

The winners are to be announced Monday 7th March 2011.

**One of my favourite Historical Fiction Authors,  Phillipa Gregory has an article on her Goodreads page entitled What are the differences between History and Historical Fiction? Phillipa Gregory 
***I had tears of laughter in my eyes when I read this next one, last night. 
Anne Dickens supplied the laughter.    Actual answers given by students on exam papers. 
Some of them deserved marks just for the sheer entertainment value. I was doubled up and could not read them aloud to my daughter (who is in the middle of her GCSEs).
***** Letters from a Hill Farm is a new blog to me this week.  Take a look at the impressive photos of Icicles
******This one is close to me Library cuts . We are losing 29 out of 44 libraries in my county alone.  The remaining libraries are starting to look quite sorry for themselves and the council want to sell off these libraries which include my town library.   :(
Will be back over the weekend to blog hop and catch up with everyone.
What are your weekend plans?
Have a good weekend, Folks!


  1. Thanks for dropping by, Carol. Lots of good reading here. Enjoy The Tapestry of Love - I certainly did.

  2. Hi Deborah,
    Good to see you.
    Yes, I am enjoying The Tapestry of Love.

    enjoy ur weekend



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