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Author Interview - Carol K Carr

Today I have the pleasure of introducing Carol K Carr, Author of India Black

UK release date 24th March 2011

Thank you Carol for taking time out from your busy schedule to answers some questions.

Who is India Black?

India is the young and beautiful madam of Lotus House, a brothel in Victorian era London catering to the minor aristocracy, goverment officials and military officers. She's bold, cheeky, and impetuous. She has a taste for adventure that lands her in all sorts of trouble. She's pretty good at extracting herself from predicaments, though, using a mixture of charm, brass, deceit, and her trusty Webley British Bulldog revolver. India is resourceful and independent, and considers human emotions beneath her dignity, but there are a few cracks in her facade. Don't let her hear me say that about her, or I'll be in trouble.

 What is next for India Black? I am sure I read somewhere that you are planning a 2nd novel for India Black (yes please, she is a fab character)

India takes on the task of protecting the life of Queen Victoria in her second adventure, India Black and the Widow of Windsor, due out in the fall of 2011. I signed a two-book contract with Berkley Prime Crime/Penguin. If the first book sells well (and so far, things look good), I'll likely do a third and fourth. Because I hate stress, I've started India 3 already (India and anarchists - should be explosive!)

Where did you get the inspiration for this novel from?

I do not like heroines who sit around all day swooning. I like tough broads, even if they're disguised as ladies. And I particularly like flawed protagonists, especially those whose flaws are played for laughs by their creators. Think Amelia Peabody, created by Elizabeth Peters, or Harry Flashman (one of my all-time favorite characters), brought to life by George MacDonald Fraser. I wanted my own character like that to play with. India just popped into my head one day, almost completely developed as a character. I am still doing some work on her background, but her essential personality is complete.

What authors inspired you to start writing your own novels?

I'd rather not say, because they wrote some really awful books. I would guess a lot of people start writing because they think they can do better than (fill in your author of choice here). That's what I did. I can't remember which book pushed me over the edge, but one did, and I thought I'd see if I could produce something more readable. Of course, I quickly found out that it's not that easy to create a believable world through words. It took three tries before I wrote something I wasn't ashamed of, and that was India.

Now, if I could write like Kate Atkinson, P.D. James, Jim Kelly, Tana French, Kate Morton, Ruth Rendell or Reginald Hill, I'd be delighted. They encourage me to keep trying.

What book is on your bedside table at the moment?

I'm on a Christianna Brand kick at the moment, so I have Fog of Doubt and Tour de Force. I'm dying to read The Africa Reich by Guy Saville, and Kate Atkinson's new book, Started Early, Took My Dog.

Thanks, Carol, for allowing me to visit your blog. You can find out more about me and India at

I received a copy of this novel, from the author, for my honest review. This did not influence my review in any way.
Thank you Carol.

You can read my review here

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