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Guest Author - Ella Griffin (plus UK Giveaway)

Today I have the honour and pleasure of featuring Ella Griffin - Author of Postcards from the Heart.

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  • Publisher: Orion (15 Sep 2011)
  • ISBN-13: 978-1409120698
Thank you for joining me today, Ella

Please tell us a little about yourself

This is like one of those personal column profiles.  “Shy, dark-haired Irish dog-lover, horribly unpunctual, who hopes she has GSOH. Has wardrobe full of coloured clothes but usually ends up wearing too much black.   Happily married to tall, funny English man."

I always, always wanted to be a writer.  Even when I was a little girl.  I remember being about six and crouching under a dripping hedge on a rainy day writing a poem about my dog, squeezing my eyes closed to try to find the right word.  (I still do that actually!)

There was a bit in my teens and my twenties when I flirted with the idea of being actress.  But I knew, deep-down, that I didn’t have the confidence for all the rejection.  

The fabulous thing about writing a novel is that you get a chance to live out all the lives you didn’t choose through your books.

Claire, the main character in my new novel, The Heart Whisperer is struggling actress in her thirties so I’ve spent the last few months thinking of the most cringe-making experiences possible to put her through.  Which is way, way more fun than having to go through them myself!!!

Postcards from the Heart begins on Valentine's Day, do you have a particular Valentine's Day memory?

Oh god, yes. I still feel slightly unhinged when I think about it.   It’s what inspired the entire book!  About twelve years ago, I was at dinner on Valentine’s Day with my ex-boyfriend.    We were in a really expensive French restaurant.  Silver service. Glidey waiters.  That fancy restaurant hush. 

Suddenly the guy at the next table slid down onto one knee and produced a tiny, red, heart-shaped box.   A ripple of excitement ran around the room.  Everyone stopped eating.  I remember actually holding my breath.  His girlfriend looked at the box and tears ran down her face.  We thought they were tears of joy so we all started clapping.  Then she stood up and ran, crying, out of the room.

The poor guy had to haul himself back onto his chair, put the box away, ask for the bill and pay for it.  I don’t know how he got through that ten minutes. I don’t know how I got through it. I still have flashbacks! 

What authors inspire you as a writer?

I’m in awe of writers who can balance very dark themes with humour. Nick Hornby, Marian Keyes and Lorrie Moore are brilliant at it.

I love writing about relationships and some writers are just so amazing at getting to the heart of what happens between two people. David Nicholls, Pam Houston and Jennifer Weiner make it look so easy.

I’d give anything to be able to handle suspense the way Joanna Briscoe does in ‘Sleep with Me.’  And if I ever write a sentence that’s as laugh-out-loud funny as anything by David Sedaris, I’ll know I can die and go to South West Crete. (Which is my idea of heaven!)

What are you working on next?

I’m just finishing off my second novel. It’s set in the worlds of acting and couples therapy.  It’s called ‘The Heart Whisperer’ and it’s about family secrets, facing your fears, finding your soulmate and finally listening to your heart.

Postcards from the Heart was the winner of the People’s Book Prize Autumn 2011.

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  1. I read and reviewed Ella's book last year - it is a wonderful read - highly recommended. Great interview Carol x

  2. Sounds a great book and a lovely interview too thanks





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