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Review - The Music in her Mind - Robert Gilkes

  • Publisher: Winged Lion Books (Mar 2012)
  • ISBN-13: 978-0957095205
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The Blurb

A historical novel set between 1939 and 1950, the Second World War and Stalins forced marches to Siberian labour camps. It is the story of a French Cellist and the love affair which kept her alive through the terrors of this time. 


Lara, a cellist and Alex's story begins before the war, when they meet in Paris and fall in love.  

During the last days of the  war Alex has to accept the surrender of Lara and her father and many more Cossacks.  They are reunited in these horrific circumstances at a POW camp.

Can Alex protect his love and her father from the same fate that the other prisoners face or will they be handed over to the Russians?

Alex is caught up in the double agent, double dealings and he has to make decisions to try to secure the release of Lara and her father.  The dramatic and sometimes unthinkable tension surrounding Lara's fate takes the reader right up until the last chapter.

I have read many WW2 historical romances, but none as passionate and at the same time so traumatic.  This beautiful love story is set in the most horrific of settings during WW2 - the labour camps. 

Robert Gilkes certainly knows how to write a passionate love story.

4 out of 5 for me!  I really enjoyed it!

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  1. I am not only a huge fan of historical fiction but i am also interested in literature that is centered around the war and this book sounds really interesting & facinating. It can be challeging to write a novel that is based around the war and for it to be authentic & realistic as much as a non-fictional book would be. I will definately seek this book out! x
    From: Miss. Lucinda Fountain

  2. Lucinda,

    I admire authors who write historical fiction, the research that has to be undertaken must be vast.


  3. Sounds very good to me. I love historical fiction, and I agree the research must be vast.

  4. Strange to think of the places where love is to be found. I like the sound of this one, thanks for recommending it.

  5. I love historical fiction, and the element of romance only adds to my interest in this one. Thanks for the review!

  6. Irene,
    I am in awe of how much detail the authors must have to check.

    It is even more apparent in this particular novel as the characters are in a prisoner of war camp.

    I can recommend this one



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