Saturday, 28 April 2012

Wedding update

I am just managing to start thinking about my own wedding plans again.
There are lots of family dramas going on...but need to crack on with the wedding plans, as it is only 19 weeks away now.

My brother got married last Friday. I won't share the photos of bride and groom but can share a couple of my family

3 generations - Yours truly, my daughter C and my mum

My 3  - growing up fast
I still have a long To-do list for the wedding.  This week I have been thinking about my flowers.  Fresh bridal bouquets are so expensive.  I have opted for artificial, foam, flowers.

I do love fresh flowers so to keep costs down, but still have the real thing, I am making my own table centrepieces.  These are my trial centrepieces. Please do let me know your thoughts

Birdcage filled with flowers for centrepiece - using roses, freesias
and Lisianthus

Cube vase and mirror plate

I am three-quarters finished making the wedding invitations.  2 colour ribbons with seed pearls and a wedding stamper for the design.  I am printing inserts too.



  1. Hi Carol. As you know, I saw these photos on facebook, and they're really lovely. I did think that you looked beautiful! That's a good idea to have fresh flowers as a centrepiece. I liked them both. The birdcage one was a bit different, but I actually think I prefer the one with the mirror plate. The colours of the flowers are gorgeous. Your wedding invitation looks great - you're doing a good job! You honestly don't have to spend a load of money to have something that looks really special, and handmade makes things even more special. Good luck with it all!

  2. Oh my God it will be here in no time. I love the flowers, never seen anything like that. Invites are lovely too, exciting!


  3. Hi Carol, love the flowers and the invitation-you're so talented! At first glance I preferred the vase then I changed my mind to the birdcage. Good luck with the rest of your wedding plans!

  4. These photos are gorgeous! I love the vase and the birdcage!!

  5. What lovely photographs.

    Wonderful that you are doing the flowers and invitations, its so much more personal
    I think. Two pretty ideas for your fresh flowers, my favourite would have to be the birdcage as I've never seen this done before whereas I have seen vases placed on mirror tiles and whilst they are nice I think the birdcage is more unique.

  6. Oh wow, 19 weeks, good luck with all of the preparations!

  7. Love your family photos at your brother's wedding and your flowers and invites look lovely too.

  8. Thank you all for your lovely comments.

    I am having both styles of table centrepieces. Hoping I can still get those colours in Sept, but feel sure I will as I did a little check before xmas and the shops had those colours.



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