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W.I.P. Wednesday - 16th May

Today I am delighted to feature Jae De Wylde.  Many thanks to Jae for joining me today.....

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To write or to PR – that is the question…

The great news is that my next novel is now well underway.
Set in Paris, and a completely separate story from The Thinking Tank, let’s call it Paris novel (don’t want to share the title yet and Lord knows how many times it might change twixt now and publication), is a diary of sorts, tracing my main character’s life back to a point at which she believes everything changed. How did it change, why did it change and why does she feel she has to write about it? The past is never what it seems and the future is rarely as you plan it to be…
The not-so-good news, which is also great news if you turn it upside down, is that there is loads of  PR work to do and I have lots of lovely book signings for The Thinking Tank, which means I am finding it hard to be as disciplined as I was last time. I class myself as a 1500 words, five days per week, editing-as-I-go kind of girl (read woman of a certain age) but there are so many interruptions in the process this time that it’s just not happening that way. I have about seven book signings on the near horizon but I am promising myself and anyone out there who’s interested that between those dates, although I know (note to publisher) it is super-important to blog, FB and twitter, I just have to get on and write.
The even better news for Thinking Tank fans is that Sarah, Rebecca and Stephen will be popping up in another novel in due course. The plot is all sorted and a plan is drawn up. But then again, I know that my characters will take charge and that anything is possible…
Thank you to everybody who has left a review on Amazon. I am so grateful that it has been so well received, and am still amazed at how often it has appeared as a top 100 Bestseller in Women’s Contemporary Fiction.
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Jae De Wylde X
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Find me on Facebook & Twitter (but please encourage me to be writing instead of chatting!)

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